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People for people

At People for People, we believe in the power of unity, shared experiences, and making a positive impact in the community. This belief has guided our journey and inspired the founding of the organisation.

We Are The Community

The name ‘People for People’ represents our goal and mission: as engaged members of the community, we bring people together and create a healthy community, and strong relationships among us.


We are guided by our core values of inclusion, mutual support, and open dialogue. These principles underpin our efforts to create a more vibrant, connected, and supportive Birmingham.


As a group, we are passionate about transforming the Birmingham society into a place where everyone feels accepted and free to express their true selves in a understanding environment.

Upcoming Events

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Building Bridges

We are a migrant-led organisation that runs activities aimed to improve the community of north Birmingham through integration, support and accessible wellbeing activities, and provide opportunities for people to connect and strengthen communities

Through our activities, we hope to strengthen local networks, empower other migrants, and close gaps in communication and culture.

This Is Just The Beginning 

We strive to provide opportunities for the community we work with.

Among our many projects are digital skills workshops, housing advice sessions, employability support, English classes, bike rides, recreational volleyball, voting rights campaigns and seasonal events for families. We respond directly to the needs identified in the community, and our work is informed by the very people we work with

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People for people