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At People For People, our mission is to create positive change by connecting and empowering individuals and communities. We are dedicated to fostering a sense of unity, mutual support, and inclusivity. Our commitment extends to:

  1. Building Strong Communities.

We strive to build communities that are supportive, resilient, and cohesive. Our programs and initiatives are designed to connect people, encourage mutual support, and create a sense of belonging.

  1. Bridging the Gap.

As a migrant-led organisation, we focus on promoting integration between new migrant communities and the native population of Birmingham. We address issues of isolation and marginalisation, working to ensure that everyone feels welcomed and valued.

  1. Multicultural Pride.

We celebrate the multicultural landscape of Birmingham and empower its residents to take pride in their diverse backgrounds. Our goal is to improve well-being and encourage active engagement within the community.

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Our Story

We started as a group of friends who enjoyed organising events and bringing people together through various activities. Our passion, from the very beginning, was creating a family-friendly space, promoting wellbeing through group events and sports, and bringing people from diverse communities together. 

Fueled by that passion, our group officially registered as a Constituted Community Group in February 2022, laying a strong foundation for our mission.

After dedicating ourselves to various initiatives, in July 2023, we changed our legal structure into a Community Interest Company. This was a significant milestone, indicating our commitment to fostering community development and striving for positive change.

Our Impact

Uniting Through Shared Experiences

Our commitment extends beyond organising family events. Since its inception, our group has organised summer picnics, volleyball sessions, bike repair workshops, provided one-to-one advice and information, as well as taken part in social campaigns and humanitarian efforts.

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Our Partners

Our Partners in making the world a better place.